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"My advice for girls who are waiting for their Prince Charming is to be open for anything. Be open to new experiences, be open to the idea that it may take longer than you want, but if you’re open to meeting new people and new adventures, then love will come along."


You are my heaven. Going to start saving up and traveling on my own.


A thing happened on campus


So my name is Joey White and I’m a very pasty pale British white guy at uni overseas. So I was introducing myself and this guy from Nigeria goes “Hi, I’m Joseph” so I said, “I’m a Joseph too! Joseph White.” Then he looked me in the eye and said in a dead serious tone “I’m Joseph Brown” and we nearly died.

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I remember a shadow, living in the shade of your greatness.

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"Breathe. It’s only a bad day, not a bad life."

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i wish people had crushes on me 

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